Terms & Conditions

The use of our attractions and facility located at 234 Town Mountain Road, Pikeville, KY 41501, and all home rentals are subject to a binding waver and or contract. The waver for indoor use is located here. All home and/or business rentals will be presented a waver that upon signing is binding and legal to the terms mentioned therein.

Funtime Inflatables nor staff is responsible in any way, either expressed or implied, for any misuse of equipment or rules of play.

We fully stress to use all safety precautions and/or equipment such as non-skid socks or any other PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) while using our equipment.

The binding wavers/contracts are to protect all parties involved and assumes that by signing them it is understood and will be adhered to. In the absence of any employee of Funtime Inflatables, customers and renters are assuming all responsibilities for the equipment and the safety of those using it.

Funtime Inflatables is responsible to assure all safety measures are in place by routine inspection of equipment and all applicable cables and cords.

If any questions or concerns should arise please notify us immediately at:

Funtime Inflatables Email: mike.maynard88@yahoo.com Phone: 606.625.3063

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